the commons:PNCA

oct 11-14, 2007
6pm, 7:30pm
9pm, 10:30pm
Roughly 10 audience members can participate in each performance. This is
not very many.

This means you need to
make reservations and
out of respect for those
that make no reservations
and therefore do not get
to participate, you need
to show up.

The easy part is to make
the reservations. The harder part is to show up and,
for some, the even harder hardest part will be to take off your shoes for the duration of the performance. Tahni, however, seems to
think this is not so hard.
She seems to think you will enjoy this part. She seems
to think this might be the easiest part of all.

The Commons: PNCA
1241 NW Johnson St
Portland, OR 97209
October 11-14, 2007
Performance price: $15

Performance times:
6pm, 7:30pm, 9pm, 10:30pm
Note: The 6pm performance
is reserved for PNCA

To make reservations please send an email with the time and number of reservations
to tahni@tahniholt.com

You will receive an email confirming your reservation.